Planet Hollywood–Disney Springs, “It Just Has To Get Better”


Picture taken a week before Planet Hollywood would open in Disney Springs.

Long overdue, Planet Hollywood is up and running—at least it is open. The famous Planet Hollywood memorabilia can still be seen. 

My wife loved the music videos.  We were there for a late lunch and the noise level was not as pronounced.  The Observatory” seating is unique and there is even seating outside. A separate bar is downstairs called “Stargazers,” but food is only in the main Observatory.  We sat at one of the high-tops in the bar area. From our perch, we noticed other waiters taking orders back to the kitchen.  Some of the patrons had a longer wait.

 Our server, Brandon, was quite attentive.  The ambiance of Planet Hollywood is quite impressive, but the food is lacking in taste and quality.  Guy Fiori has put his name on this place, but he is sure not operating it.

We settled on nachos for two or more. I actually wanted wings that were baked and fried.  Sounded delicious, but the chef would not separate drums from the wings.  I just like drums. If Guy was there, he would have accommodated my request.

My wife thought it tasted good. But, the indigestion was not worth the taste.

 The nachos came out quickly. The reason being is that all the ingredients were spreads.  From the cheese to beans were all liquefied.  I like nachos when the cheese is baked into the chips.  Tiny pieces of shredded chicken without any taste were hard to find.  The chipotle spice was minimal.  I asked for sliced jalapenos, but there was none to be had. A fourth of the chips were not even touched by any spreads.  On top of the nachos was a “Guacamole” spread, at least it was green, which was not even listed on the menu. I am one of the few who don’t eat avocados.

My wife thought the nachos tasted “good.” Her opinion changed during the night with full scale indigestion. Needless to say, we would never eat this dish again.  In fact, my wife was so turned off by the indigestion that she doesn’t ever want to go back to Planet Hollywood. “At least we should give them a second try,” I pleaded.   

A businessman from Whole Foods was sitting next to us. He ordered the Palmetto Grilled Cheese sandwich.  I noticed he left half of it on his plate.  “Not very good” was his response.

My Angry Orchard was a reasonable $7 dollars, but my wife’s wine was a costly $12.

With the name of Guy Fiori backing this place, I do hope someone reads this review and others posted to get a grip on what is needed to improve the establishment. You may have the best music videos and memorabilia around, but if the food is lacking, some people like us may never give repeat business.

Planet Hollywood has a new look for the iconic place.