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When we met in 1985, our first conversation quickly turned to travel. We knew from that moment on, we were meant to be together and travel the world. For over 30 years, we have continued to fulfill our passion. Now that we are retired, we want to attempt to share it with the world through our website.

About Marty
I have lived in Martin County, Florida since 1960. After 37 years, I retired as an educator. I was a History teacher for 23 years and was a Dean of Students for 14 years. I also coached girls’ volleyball for 28 years and was selected to the FHSAA Hall of Fame. However, I have to tell you that travel is my first passion.
I developed a passion for travel through my parents. Every summer, they would pack up the car and take my two siblings and myself on road trips throughout the United States. They would tell us stories about their travels through Europe. When I graduated from college, I decided to see Europe for myself. From that moment on, I was hooked on travel.

About Kathie
I grew up in New Milford, Connecticut but moved to Stuart, Florida in 1979. Since 1979, I have owned restaurants, a hair salon and a barber shop as well as being an educator. After 22 years as an educator, I retired. I was a high school ESE teacher for 7 years and Department Head for 15 years.
I developed a passion for travel at a young age but did not get the opportunity as extensively as Marty did. My parents would take my sister and me on trips throughout the east coast of the United States. However, that was just enough to get my curiosity up about the rest of the world. I always dreamed someday I would be able to explore the world. After meeting Marty in1985, my dreams came true and we have traveled much of the world together.

About Us

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