Wild Dogs of Sorrento

People around the world love their dogs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, and cats and most animals.  I come from a culture that supports dog catchers and such.  I see owners who post announcements of their “lost dog,” or “Cat.”  We treasure our animals, to a limit.

An Italian villa decorated their entrance with a dog statue.

In our past trip to Sorrento, Italy, it was not hard to notice “wandering dogs” going in between tables, streets and ally’s. 

A wondering dog in Sorrento, Italy

Now mind you, these dogs were not vicious or mean.  They were just like another human being enjoying their freedom I suppose.

One of several wandering dogs in Sorrento


I think these dogs appreciated any scraps from the table.  They were not beggars though.

“I am waiting for you to get out of my way…”

We saw one couple who approached a dog in the street just lying there. 

“This is my favorite spot. Right in the road!”

The dog just wanted to be left alone.  The dog got up and left the area.

“Time for me to leave. These humans are getting too close for my liking.”

I wonder how many people actually noticed these dogs?  Were these dogs actually owned by someone?  Is there such a position as “animal control” in Sorrento, or even Italy?    

“A photo for food?”

Nevertheless, time spent “people watching” turned into enjoying “dog watching.”