Loretto Chapel–Santa Fe, NM

Go early and you may have the Staircase to yourself….
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We arrived at the Chapel when it opened at 9:00 AM.
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The show Unsolved Mysteries could not figure out how the “Miraculous Staircase” was made, but it will not stop you from admiring this beautiful creation at the Loretto Chapel. Located in historic downtown Santa Fe, it is fairly easy to find. Public parking is right on Alameda Street.

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We had the Chapel by ourselves for a while.


We arrived when the Chapel just opened at 9:00 AM. For a while, we were alone viewing the first Gothic Cathedral west of the Mississippi built in 1878. The famous staircase to the choir loft was constructed by an unknown carpenter. There are no center or side supports “defying engineering logic.” The beautiful wood that was used to construct the staircase is also a mystery of origin. For the nominal fee of $3, it is well worth a visit.

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An inviting chapel to visit.

Obviously, the staircase is closed off, but is near the pews and walking areas. Even though there is a rope, you can still touch the “Miraculous Staircase.” The intelligent craftsmanship is definitely a piece of art.

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You can actually touch it. A rope prevents you from going up though.

The Chapel is in walking distance to the famous La Fonda Hotel, well worth a walk through, and the beautiful Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi which are all free to visit.

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