Central Train Station of Milan, Italy

A Few Tips to Conquer this Magnificent Building

Built in 1931 under Benito Mussolini, this place is grand inside and out.

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We were a bit intimidated by the vastness and the great number of people here. If you are familiar with Grand Central Station, you should have no problem.

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First, you need to be careful with your valuables. A friend of mine lost her phone as someone went through her pouch as she was standing in line. Yes, the pickpockets are that good.

The front of the Central Station in a plaza with a very large sculpture of an “APPLE,” with no relationship to the company. Many of the hotels in the area surround this plaza. We liked Starhotel Anderson.

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The actual train station is upstairs. The first floor is where you can purchase train tickets as there is a separate area for this. An elevator will take you up to the top floor.

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We purchased our train ticket from the machine. We were directed by a man in a suit who showed us how to purchase a ticket. And then the guy asked us “for a tip.” He was not part of the ticket agency as we realized he was not wearing any insignia. I gave him two euros, but learned how to manipulate the machines and felt confident doing so.

Ironically, the ticket was no good as the next day there was a railroad strike. We had to stand in line well over an hour to get a refund and another ticket. We did upgrade to a guaranteed first class seat and thought the price difference was well worth the extra money.

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The Tube lines, particularly the Yellow Line, is in front of Central Station in a separate entrance. You will have to take the moving elevator down. The tube tickets can be purchased at several “tobacco kiosks.”

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If you wish to travel to the Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele take the Yellow Line to San Donato. Get off at the Duomo platform.

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Absolutely a beautiful Cathedral
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Just four stops from Milan’s Central Train station.

There are a number of commercial stores located in the Central Station. Right next to the upper part of the train station there is even a Burger King. There is even a large grocery store down on another floor which we patronized several times.

After a short time, the Central Train Station was “conquered” and our anxiety level lower. We did notice there were no public toilets. Our hotel, though, was close by.

If you have time, marvel at the intricate artwork and structure of the grand Central Station. Inside and out, there is something to view.



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