Airplane seats are not the only ones you can lose; or A Moment of Paradise–GONE

We visited Disney Springs recently, our 10th or so visit this year, and wanted to explore a new restaurant.  We chose Paradiso 37, located right on the lake of Disney Springs.  It advertises a combination of Argentinian and Peruvian foods.  We wanted something simple.  Nachos with chili con carne fit the bill besides a few libations.

You have to ask for a menu by the front doors.

We went to the deck area and asked a waitress if we could sit in the corner. She said “yes” and we proceeded over.  It has a beautiful view of Disney Springs.  A faint zephyr could be felt and the sun was going down.  It was about 5:15 PM and the place was not crowded.

Our table by the railing, for a short while.

We normally sit opposite each other, but decided to sit together facing this beautiful view. We had just spent a day at EPCOT where “everybody comes out tired.”  It was a pleasure to get off our feet and enjoy the ambiance.

Today, the balloon is blue

I placed my arm around my wife. At about that time the manager came over and said “we could not sit there.”  This was a “bigger table” and we had to move inside.

The way we quickly saw it, we could abide by the directive or just leave. We chose the latter decision.  As we were going down the steps I pointed to the manager another couple sitting at a larger table. He smiled and said, “They had been there.”  Weren’t we just in our seats too?

Nevertheless, we found excellent nachos at the T-Rex restaurant.

We didn’t have the water view, but we faced a spectacular aquarium.  “Jim and Jack,” the largest fish in the aquarium had just been added.


I understand busy restaurants wanting to keep their large tables for big parties. There were at least four tables not used behind us besides a very open inside area.  This restaurant was not busy.

The day later, we were walking through Disney Springs at the same time.   We saw a couple sitting in the exact spot at Paradiso 37 where we were at and asked to move.  I took a picture to prove the point.  We went back to T-Rex and had more nachos.

I don’t know what type of customer skills Paradiso 37 practices, but they should take a lesson from their close neighbor, The Boat House, were customers are appreciated. I don’t think we will ever make it back to Paradiso 37.

The Boat House is one of our favorite restaurants at Disney Springs