A Special Wine Cellar at EPCOT


Escape the Heat at Tutto Gusto’s Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar is located in the Italian pavilion at EPCOT’s famous Showcase of Nations.

When the temperature is over ninety around the showcase, a great place to escape from the heat is the Tutto Gusto’s Wine Cellar.  It is located in the Italian pavilion next to its big brother restaurant, Tutto Gusto.

The Wine Cellar is to the right.

  This cozy wine bar is extremely dark and cool.  My wife had to use her cell phone light to see the menu. Small plates are offered and the cold water is free.

We enjoyed having the meatball dish.  The four tasty meatballs, melted around cheese, are just big enough for two people. 

The meatballs were small, but delicious.

We enjoyed a cold glass of Artois beer.  The service was authentic with Giulietta from Turin.  She gave us great tips on our next visit to Italy.

One can order a number of small plates from pastas, cheeses, desserts, panni’s and various meats.  A very large cannoli is about $10.  Pricy, yes, but it is Disney. 

One of these visits I will splurge on a cannoli.


Connected to the Wine Cellar is the restaurant, Tutto Gusto.  For dinner, starting at 4:00, you can actually have the same menu in the Wine Cellar.

Having walked around the Showcase many times, we now will always consider the Wine Cellar a place to go, particularly when it is hot.  Italy in the Showcase is a popular spot for most everyone.